Our Achievements

Our Achievements

Remembering how far we’ve come. A snapshot of our greatest accomplishments 2016 – 2021.


  • Negotiated $10.8M Specific Land Claim Settlement offer with Government of Canada for our share of the loss of Indian Reserve #18
  • Negotiated $52M agreement to fund river dike and help protect our community from future flooding


  • New student scholarships as a result of business partner negotiations
  • Tuition support available for members pursuing post-secondary education
  • Student engagement program for students displaced from their classrooms due to Covid-19


  • New housing units as a result of business partner negotiations
  • Home renovation support

Community services

  • COVID-19 relief payments
  • Grocery delivery for elders or isolated members
  • Wellness checks
  • COVID-19 clinic
  • Vaccination program
  • 150% increase in elder support payments

Honouring our Culture

  • One new canoe
  • Regalia making classes
  • Canning and harvesting initiatives
  • Reconstructed long house

Economic development

  • Community income increase from $1M to $10M
  • New business, employment and investment opportunities


  • Reclaimed two major drilling sites
  • Planted thousands of cedar trees in place of invasive cottonwoods


  • New policies and procedures to ensure accountability