Economic Development

Economic Development

We are making strategic investments to create new businesses and new employment opportunities.


  • Leadership has enhanced existing and new businesses to adhere to regulatory standards even where it is not required as a First Nation owned business – this was applied to the landfill, soil companies and is currently being pursued for the Cannabis business.
    • The Nation is considered a top employer in the region. 
    • 90% of All Nations Cannabis staff are Band Members. 
    • Commercial soil sales and Cannabis retail sales are experiencing an upswing  
  • In 2016 $1 Million of the reserve fund was leveraged to finance investment in new industries and business opportunities at a time when there was only one revenue generating business. During this time, leadership made the decision to maintain staffing levels and service offerings. 
  • Leadership has negotiated with business partners to invest in a maintenance warehouse renovation. 
  • Since 2016, the First Nation has gone from an income of approximately $1 million to close to $10 million. 
  • Since 2016, employment of community members has trended up incredibly. In 2016, 4 out of 32 households were employed. Today, 25 out of 32 households are employed. 


  • After holding multiple community consultation on this land development, Shxwhá:y Village has leased 70 acres to Westbow Construction.
    • Site will have a mixture of residential, commercial and light industrial development 
    • Parks and trails will be integrated for use by residents and community members. 
  • Ongoing income from the leased land will include an agreement where 50% of sales, commercial leases, taxes and fees will be returned to the Band.  The estimated revenue includes:
Estimated tax & revenue period 1-10 years$52,419,417
Estimated tax & revenue period 11-20 years $29,697,742
Estimated tax & revenue period 20-125 years$838,553,641