Housing and Services

We are investing in building new and improved housing for you to call home and enhancing services to support our members near and far.

Shxwhá:y Village manages 34 homes on the reserve. In colder months we help to keep up our homes maintained by providing services including chimney sweeping, pressure washing, inspections, and renovations and repairs. We also provide clean-up services throughout the Spring and Summer.

We also work to provide other services and support for Shxwhá:y Village members including weekly meals, relief payments and other financial supports.

If you are struggling and need support please contact the Chief, Council Members or Band Administration and we work to help.


  • There are 34 housing units on reserve. Housing is a limiting factor for those who aspire to reside in the community.
  • Leadership has negotiated with business partners to invest in new home builds for the community as a term of partnership.
  • Major renovations done on 8 homes on reserve to upgrade as well as improve living conditions
  • The community hosts 2 lunches a week for all community members living on reserve. Increased to 3 lunches a week during COVID to support community members in limiting their trips to grocery stores.
  • Every community member has been provided ongoing Covid relief payments.
  • Ongoing support providing care and service to elders.
    • Increase in financial support to elders from $300 to $1000
    • Now eligible at 60 years old


  • Leadership is negotiating an additional housing investment with a business partner – a 6-Plex housing unit that is on track to break ground in Summer 2020.