Social Development

National Child Benefit Reinvestment

Provides First Nation communities with resources to design & implement community-based projects to improve the lives of children in low-income families. Provides assistance with children’s needs.

Income Assistance

INAC Social Development provides eligible recipients with the means to meet basic needs for food, clothing and shelter.

Family Violence Prevention Program

INAC supports the operation of 35 culturally-appropriate shelters which serve approximately 265  communities, and delivers about 350 prevention programs on-reserve annually.

Indian & Northern Affairs Canada (INAC) develop polices and deliver social development programs to First Nations on reserve. Over the years, INAC has established programs in an effort to address social conditions on reserve.

Message from Chief:

Life Skills are important to me. One of the things I see are workshops that will help make our lives better. I believe that with Lifeskill workshops which are fun and full of teachings, our daily routines are made easier and happier. The workshops I see being useful for our community are:

  • Managing your personal household money.
  • Healthy foods and how to cook them.
  • Mental health.
  • Home tidiness & cleanliness.

Shxwhá:y Village is moving towards greater self-reliance, a time when we can be managing our own social development programs. Our role in the INAC programs is to verify that a client is in the home they say.