Health Services

Health Profile

Our children and our young people are our greatest resource. Shxwhá:y Village is looking at ways to maximize our health services through Sto:lo Nation Health Services to help our young people take care of themselves.

First Nation Health Authority has now been transferred to First Nation Control as of October 1, 2013. This should mean greater services for us through Sto:lo Nation Health Centre, and better health funding.

There will be more one-on-one Health services available through other Sto:lo Health programs.

We want all members to get to know the services and use these new Sto:lo Health Services. The wait time on treatment should be less and more emphasis on care prevention. We will be having more facilities with a cultural-spiritual way. Services should get more efficient and receptive to the needs of our people. We know there are weaknesses to our Health Plan, and we are aware that more advocacy for complete care and follow-up are needed.

Shxwhá:y Village has been awarded 2 grants from Aboriginal Sports Recreation 2013.

We are building an exercise room and equipping it with aerobic and weight machines.

Good health is becoming more & more important and people are recognizing this.

Many of our people are suffering from different health problems largely to do with Western culture fast foods. A good diet with lots of traditional foods and Western vegetables and fruits is a good way towards a healthy strong body and mind.

We want to make your lives as healthy as possible. One of the ways we have done this is to provide everyone with a water purifying system which removes chlorine, heavy metals, and bacteria if present in the water.